Sunday 18 March 2018

'Maniac' taxi driver with 62 previous driving convictions drove himself to court despite being banned

Courts (Stock photo)
Courts (Stock photo)

A taxi man who drove himself to court despite being banned from driving has been described as a 'maniac' by a judge.

Asamashun Morofu (47) was caught driving in a dangerous manner as he drove the wrong way around a roundabout and up a one way street at 144kph on April 17th at Platin Road in Drogheda while disqualified on his way to court for another driving offence.

Morofu, who has 62 previous convictions for driving offences, claimed he wasn't disqualified from driving as he 'did not receive any written evidence' from the court.

Morofu, of Limetree Avenue, Termon Abbey in Drogheda, told the court he has been living in Ireland 16 years and 'according to the Traffic Law you should be notified by letter to inform you of a disqualification.'

'I never received any evidence to state I was disqualified,' he argued.

However, after Inspector Brendan Cadden asked him if he was in court on the day he received the disqualification, he conceded he was in court on the day. He was handed the disqualification and had lodged an appeal.

Insp Cadden told him: 'The reality is you were disqualified from driving on the date you were in court.'

Defence solicitor Dermot Monahan said the 'court is faced with a conflict in evidence' between his client and the gardai.

However, Judge Flann Brennan said he does not have any doubt about the garda's evidence and convicted him.

Insp Cadden said Morofu has 62 previous convictions including 16 for speeding and seven for driving without insurance.

Judge Brennan told Morfu 'You are a maniac who thinks he has a God given right to drive,' noting Morofu's 'appalling record.'

'You should look for alternative employment as the last thing you are suitable for is taxi driving,' said Judge Brennan.

He convicted Morofu on all offences and ordered a probation report to see if he is suitable for 120 hours community service work in lieu of three months in prison for dangerous driving. He further ordered a report for 200 hours community service work in lieu of six months in prison for driving while disqualified.

Morofu then said: 'But I don't drive dangerously,' to which Judge Brennan said 'You are a broken record and I don't want to listen anymore. You are talking rubbish and tripe.'

Judge Brennan adjourned the case until November 20th.

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