Monday 21 October 2019

Man who bit a garda's finger so hard it broke, says he's '100pc sorry'

Brandon Power
Brandon Power

Patrick O'Connell

A man who bit down so hard on a garda's finger that he broke the bone is back on the streets this week after being given a suspended sentence for the horror assault.

Brandon Power (21) said he was "100pc sorry" for the assault, saying he has passed on his apologies in a letter to Wicklow-based Garda Thomas Devereux.

"I already passed a letter [of apology] on to him… I have apologised," Power told the Sunday World.

At last week's sitting of Wicklow Circuit Court, details of the horrific attack were recalled.

The court heard how Power, after being sentenced for another matter, became aggrieved and during what was described as a "frenzy", bit down on the garda's small finger.

Gda Devereux told the court he had never felt pain like it and heard his own finger snap during the attack. He said he thought Power had bitten it off.

Outlining what happened at Bray Garda Station last March 31, Sergeant Fiona O'Neill said Power had been arrested on a bench warrant and arrived at the building at around 9.30am.

While waiting for court to commence, Power started shouting abuse at Garda John Whelan and attempted to flee.

Gda Devereux and another garda chased and caught him.

Power was struggling, shouting, kicking, swinging his arms and legs and striking both gardai.

Power, the court heard, was generally abusive and was placed in a cell.

He was remanded in custody that day by Judge Terrence O'Sullivan, who imposed a sentence for the matter before the court on that occasion.

Power was further aggrieved, and "wouldn't listen to reason", according to prosecutor James Kelly, who was questioning Sgt O'Neill.

Gda Devereux was trying to restrain Power when the accused bit down on the garda's left little finger and wouldn't let go.

The garda was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment, which included bandaging and antibiotics. The finger was fractured.

Judge O'Sullivan said that this was a serious offence involving a prolonged assault on a garda doing his job.

The judge handed down a one-year sentence, suspended on the conditions Power keep the peace, not use illicit substances, and continue to engage with Bray Community Addiction Team.


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