Monday 14 October 2019

Man who assaulted shop owner in row over curtains avoids jail after paying €1,200

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Gordon Deegan

A 63-year old Ennis man who assaulted a shop-owner in a row over curtains has paid up €1,200 in order to avoid being sent to jail over the assault.

In the case at Ennis District Court, Judge Patrick Durcan said that John Rynne of Showgrounds Rd, Drumbiggle, Ennis had behaved ‘appallingly’ when assaulting Ennis shop owner, Michael Talty on May 4th last at his shop when he was unhappy over the way the curtains for his living room and hallway had been fitted.

Mr Rynne has pleaded guilty to the assault of Mr Talty at his store on May 4th last.

Solicitor for Mr Rynne, Tara Godfrey said that curtains purchased from Mr Talty by Mr Lynne for the living room in his house were fitted for the hall-way and vice-versa.

Ms Godfrey said that the curtains had been in place for a period in the hallway and the living room and Mr Rynne had “tried to put up with it but couldn’t put up with any longer” and he went to Mr Talty’s shop on the matter.

In his victim impact statement, Mr Talty told the court that “in my 40 years in business I have never experienced a physical assault as a way of resolving a business matter so this incident was to the extreme.”

He stated: “After hitting me a number of times and knocking my computer to the floor he then threatened to break it over my head and wouldn’t see reason to resolve the issues rationally.”

Mr Talty said that his work colleague was very frightened and phoned the Gardai while Mr Rynne called him “every abusive name he could think of”.

Mr Talty said that he was at a loss of €700 as in the interests of job security, he decided to return the €700 for the return of the curtains to Mr Rynne.

He said: “I felt that I shouldn't have had to do this but there was no reasoning with this man.”

In response, Judge Durcan said that Mr Rynne should refund the €700 to Mr Talty and also pay him €500 compensation.

Judge Durcan said that if the monies are not paid up within the week “I have in mind a prison sentence if not resolved”.

Mr Rynne is on disability and Judge Durcan said: “Mr Rynne’s behaviour - stroke or no stroke - was nothing short of appalling on the day. Illness is not an excuse to go into a man who is 40 years in business and providing a very good service and be faced with this kind of carry on.”

Judge Durcan said that Mr Rynne’s “behaviour was abysmal and appalling”.

The judge said that Mr Rynne “can take away the curtains and put them wherever he wants to. He ordered them".

Ms Godfrey said that it would be difficult for her client to raise the monies by next Wednesday.

However within the hour, Mr Rynne had all of the monies in court with Ms Godfrey said that her client was “terrified” at the prospect of going to prison.

Judge Durcan adjourned the case generally and barred Mr Rynne from going into Taltys permanently.

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