Sunday 8 December 2019

Man who abused girls while high on cocaine has sentencing adjourned

Sonya McLean

A DUBLIN man who was high on cocaine when he sexually assaulted a young girl and when he earlier abused a teenager has been remanded on bail pending sentence in April.

The 35-year-old father of two, who cannot be named for legal reasons, guilty to four counts of sexual assault to the girls on dates between May 2009 and July 2010. He was as registered a sex offender.

One of the girls was 12 years old at the time while the second girl was 17 years old.

The man later told gardaí that the minute he touched the 12-year-old girl he knew it was wrong but put the incident down to his addiction to cocaine.

“I never thought of a child like that before. I love kids,” he told gardaí during interview.

The younger victim, now 15 years old, read from her victim impact statement in which she said that since the incident she has self harmed hoping to give herself enough scars to make herself ugly.

She said she wished it had never happened and she felt sick and scared when it happened.

She said her mother’s trust was completely broken and she blames herself for what happened.

The teenager said she doesn’t like school anymore and she is afraid she will turn into an alcoholic when she is older.

“People say I have changed. I used to be happy-go-lucky but now I am sad. I hope I can grow up and put this behind me,” the girl said.

The now 20 year old victim said in her victim impact report that she still gets dreams about the abuse and tends to panic about it. She said she has not been the same since and she hopes to get help with this in the future.

Detective Garda Kieran McGrath told Garret Baker BL, prosecuting, the first incident reported to the gardaí occurred during a Dublin house party while the 12-year-old was upstairs.

Her mother heard the man coming downstairs and having assumed that he had been using the bathroom, she checked in on her daughter.

The child told her that the man had just come into her bedroom and molested her. She said he had lifted her top and put his hand down her tracksuit bottoms. She said he left the room but then came back in again and assaulted her in a similar manner a second time.

Det Gda McGrath said that the victim’s mother confronted the accused downstairs and her partner punched him in the face.

The victim later told gardaí that her mother’s partner had also got a knife and was intending to slit the man’s throat but another person in the house talked sense into him.

The accused himself called the gardaí after leaving the house and met a local garda at a petrol station later that morning.

He told the garda that he had “messed around with a minor”.

When the garda asked him about his injuries and enquired if he had got a beating, the man confirmed that he had and said he deserved it.

He came to the station a few days later and made admissions in relation to the first girl and also told gardaí that he had sexually abused another girl on at least two occasions.

He said he had been “pissed and stoned” at the time and had molested the older girl after coming into her room while she was sleeping.

The man told gardaí that this 17-year-old had taken a fancy to him and “something had nearly happened” between them previously.

The older girl was later interviewed by gardaí and agreed that the accused had abused her on three occasions and had put his hands down her bottoms. She said he never said anything to her or never threatened her. Each time he left the room and she went back to sleep.

She said the last time it happened she told him to get away but the man apologised to her saying he thought she had wanted it.

She replied that she “didn’t f****** want it” before she left the house.

Bernard Condon SC, defending told Judge Desmond Hogan that his client had asked him to apologise to both his victims for his behaviour.

He said he has since started a new relationship and has dealt with his cocaine addiction.

Judge Hogan adjourned the case to next April and ordered a probation report for that date.

He described the offences as very serious and said he wanted the Probation Service to access the man’s “likelihood to re-offend”.

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