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Man told gardai ‘one thing led to another’ after he danced with his mother before they had sex

A MAN accused of raping his 65-year-old mother told gardai that "one thing led to another" after they danced and kissed and that she consented to sex.

The 45-year-old Dublin man has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to raping the woman at her home between March 2 and 3, 2008.

Gerard Clarke SC, prosecuting, read the jury memos of five interviews the gardai conducted with the accused after his arrest in March 2008.

The man told gardai he had gone to a local social event his mother was attending that Mothers Day and given her a card, bought her a drink and had one himself.

He said after having a drink with a family member that night he called around to his mother’s house.

He told gardai they had a drink and were dancing.

He said she began kissing him with her mouth open and he was rubbing her sides and rubbing her breasts.

He said he did not know how they ended up on the floor. He said they were kissing and he was caressing her body. He said there were words being spoken but he was not sure what.

“It was love,” he told gardai.

He said he “got inside her” and was not sure how long it went on for.

He said he only remembered his mother saying “leave me alone” after the sex when he was trying to get her up.

He said he could not get her off the floor and denied leaving in a panic.

He denied a garda suggestion that he had confused his mother’s affection for her child with a sexual advance and raped her.

He said: “I think we both knew it was kind of wrong” and said they had kissed before when they were both drunk.

He told gardai he had gone to his mother’s house to borrow money so he could go back out. He said he had not gone with the intention of raping her or to have consensual sex.

He said she came downstairs with a bottle of wine in her hand. He said that at one stage she told him he was the “the spit of da”, kissed him and said she loved him.

He denied forcing himself on her and said they talked afterwards. He said he tried to lift her up off the floor but he could not and she said to leave her there. He said he felt his mother was taking part in it and it was not just him.

When asked if he was drunk, he said he was “not falling down drunk” but had a few drinks. He told gardai his mother was “well oiled, merry.”

Asked him if he honestly thought his mother had consented to have sex with her son, he said: “I believe one thing led to another, it was not a question that was asked.”

He said he did not remember his mother “blacking out” and didn’t hear her say “leave me alone.”

“I don’t believe for a second I raped my mother,” he said.

In his fifth interview gardai asked if he was calling his mother a liar. He told them he was not saying that and had nothing further to add.

He agreed he was denying rape and admitting sexual intercourse. He said he knew it was wrong.

Detective Garda Stephen Hayes agreed with defence counsel, Giollaíosa Ó Lideadha SC, that the accused answered all questions and he made it clear at all times that he believed his mother was consenting.

The trial continues before Mr Justice Barry White and a jury of four men and eight women.