Sunday 17 December 2017

Man lashes out at judge as he's jailed for threat to kill dentist

Eoin Hannan at Ennis Court on Monday.
Eoin Hannan at Ennis Court on Monday.

Gordon Deegan

A former UCC Humanities student who told a dentist that he had a bullet for him has been jailed for three years.

Judge Gerald Keyes jailed Eoin Hannan (41) of Childish Road, Ennis, for threatening to kill Dr Tony Cotgreave on May 10, 2012 after claiming that the dentist had abused his teeth.

At the sentencing hearing in Ennis Circuit Court yesterday the Kilmallock, Co Limerick native turned down the option of having the final 15 months of his jail term suspended.

Judge Keyes said that he would suspend the final 15 months on condition that Hannan enter a bond to keep the peace, abstain from alcohol and take medication to deal with bipolar affective disorder.


But Hannan – who had yesterday sacked his legal team prior to Judge Keyes handing down the sentence – told Judge Keyes: "Jaysus, that's real of kind of you. This is disgusting."

In a succession of verbal volleys, Hannan added: "May I leave now, Judge, because I have heard enough of this bulls**t.

"You can lock me (up) for three years, but please don't make me listen to this hypocrisy . . . I would be happy to emigrate. . . You have to be insane to live in this country."

After Hannan was led out of court to the cells, Judge Keyes asked his former counsel, Michael Collins, to consult with Hannan on the suspended term dimension of the sentence.

Mr Collins returned to court to say Hannan would not be entering the bond "because he continues to protest his innocence".

During the three-day trial earlier this month, Dr Cotgreave said in evidence that Hannan told him at his surgery: "I have a bullet for your head. Do you understand?"

Hannan made the threat seven months after Dr Cotgreave performed an emergency restoration on a tooth broken by a chicken bone.

In his victim impact statement, Dr Cotgreave said: "I feel Mr Hannan has not shown any signs of remorse, the threat on my life still stands."

Judge Keyes said that Hannan could apply at a later date in relation to entering the bond.

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