Monday 26 February 2018

Man killed his brother in 'prank' gone wrong

Gareth Naughton

A MAN who accidentally knocked down and killed his own brother has said his life has been destroyed.

Bryan McCabe (21) had been drinking with friends beside a canal about 100 yards from the family home when he jumped out in front of the car driven by his brother Harry McCabe.

Bryan was thrown 15 feet into the air on impact and suffered multiple injuries, leading to his death on April 22 last year.

Harry McCabe told Dublin Coroner's Court yesterday that the incident was a complete accident and should never have happened.

"My head is gone since all this happened and my life is upside down. I go into counselling for it all to help me and I haven't been right," he said.

The court heard that after finishing work early at The Barn House pub, Bryan, from Aughavannagh Road in Crumlin, Dublin 12, joined a number of friends who were drinking in a schoolyard before gardai moved them on.

They then gathered at an area along the canal on Parnell Road in Crumlin.

At around 1.30am, Harry drove past the group in a Nissan Micra before going to the end of the road to do a U-turn.

His girlfriend, Karla Doyle, was standing near Bryan at this point. She told the court that when Bryan saw Harry coming back up the road, he turned and said: "Watch this, watch the Har fella" before jumping out onto the road. Another man attempted to stop him but failed.

Harry McCabe said that when his brother first jumped out in front of him, he didn't realise who it was. He tried to brake hard, he said, but the wheels locked and then he hit his brother.

"There was pandemonium. I took my top off and someone put it under his head. Everyone was screaming and crying. They all kept shouting at me to go and I said 'f*** off, I'm not leaving him'," he said.


Bryan died at St James's Hospital later that day.

Gardai subsequently arrested Harry McCabe in relation to the incident. Investigators found that the car had been travelling at at least 70kmh in a 50kmh zone. A file was prepared for the DPP, who directed that he face no charges.

Extending sympathies to the family, Dr Farrell said that the incident appeared to a "prank that went tragically wrong".

The jury returned a verdict of death by misadventure.

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