Wednesday 22 November 2017

Man killed by drugs bought in head shop

Gareth Naughton and Allison Bray

A FATHER of two found slumped over a railing with 'head shop' drugs in his jacket died with a toxic level of ecstasy in his system, an inquest heard yesterday.

Darren Lloyd (38) was rushed to hospital after friends -- who had been drinking with him earlier -- found him at St Luke's Church in Artane, Dublin, at 10.30pm on January 24.

Mr Lloyd was fighting to breathe and his lips had turned blue, Dublin City Coroner's court heard. His friend Ronan Butler said Mr Lloyd had mumbled something about taking "herbal ecstasy or herbal cocaine" prior to his collapse.

Mr Lloyd, from Hazelwood Drive, Artane, died at Beaumont Hospital that night.

The court heard that nursing staff found two packs of herbal ecstasy -- one of them empty -- in his pockets as they tried to resuscitate him.


Garda Patrick Phelan, stationed at Santry, told the court that a nurse handed him two packets labelled 'Charge Plus Bath Salts', which had been found in the deceased's jacket.

The "bath salts" had not been analysed, Gda Phelan testified.

But he said they were considered to be a form of herbal ecstasy, which gardai routinely found for sale at head shops before they were banned.

Coroner Dr Brian Farrell said a toxicology report revealed a moderate level of alcohol in Mr Lloyd's system but a significant or toxic level -- 3.6mg -- of MDMA or ecstasy in his body.

He added that Mr Lloyd's post-mortem report revealed he had a serious but undiagnosed heart condition which would have left him vulnerable to the effects of the drug.

Dr Farrell returned a verdict of death by misadventure.

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