Monday 11 December 2017

Man jailed for attack during which victim was stabbed five times in face and neck

Man jailed for attack during which victim was stabbed five times in face and neck
Man jailed for attack during which victim was stabbed five times in face and neck Newsdesk Newsdesk

A DEFENDANT who attacked a man in a house with a four-inch knife ,leaving five gash wounds in the victim's face and neck has been sentenced to five years in prison with two and a half years suspended.

Dublin native Karl Conlon, with an address at Hazelwood, Bridgetown, Co Wexford, pleaded guilty before Judge Barry Hickson at Wexford Circuit Criminal Court to having the knife at an address at St David's Well, Bridgetown, on September 2, 2014.

He further pleaded guilty to assaulting Gavin Murphy causing him harm at the same address at St David's Well, Bridgetown. He also pleaded guilty to a third charge of committing burglary on the same occasion.

Garda Oliver Daly gave evidence that on September 2, 2014, at 10.20am, he received a call to go to a house at St David's Well, Bridgetown. He was accompanied by Garda Eamon Whelan. On arrival at the house they found that the front door had been damaged and forced open.

On entering the house, Garda Daly said they found Gavin Murphy, who had a number of cut marks to his face. Garda Daly told the court that Gavin Murphy alleged two people had entered the house, with one attacking him with a hammer while the other attacked him with a knife. A fight ensued, which lasted several minutes.

The court further heard from Garda Daly that the defendant received five stab wounds to the face and neck, adding that the three people in the house eventually forced the attackers out of the house after which they fled in a Honda Civic car.

Gavin Murphy, in a victim's impact statement read to the court by Garda Daly, said: 'I'm now at home and afraid to open the door. I have nightmares after the assault. I find it difficult to cope with what happened. I had lived most of my life in the Bridgetown area but have since moved away as I did not feel safe to live there.

'I am still very conscious of the scars. I have grown a beard to hide the scars. Because of infections I have had several antibiotics.

'I have also been very depressed as a result of this while I have also contemplated suicide on several occasions. I suffer nightmares, wake up with pain and fear, as I find it difficult to sleep.'

Defence Counsel, Garnet Orange, SC said it's still not clear to gardai what was behind this. The defendant, who had moved to the area from Tallaght about three years before the incident, was identified by Mr Murphy as he was known to him. When the defendant was arrested some time after the incident he was under the influence of drugs.

Mr Orange said two men entered the house, one was brandishing a hammer, while the defendant had a knife. He said the defendant is making every effort to become drugs free in his time in the Midlands Prison

Ms Gleeson said the defendant's co-accused received a three-year sentence part of which was suspended, adding that there is no evidence before the court that the defendant is drugs free.

Judge Hickson said he would have to impose a custodial sentence on the assault charge causing harm. Sentencing the defendant to five years in prison, he said he would suspend the final two and half years, for a period of three years. He entered a nolle prosqui on the remaining charges.

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