Sunday 15 December 2019

Man ignored court to abuse ex on Facebook

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Gordon Deegan

A JUDGE has granted a Safety Order to a woman after her former fiance breached a court undertaking by posting a photo of her and making negative comments about her on Facebook.

At the family court in Ennis, Judge Patrick Durcan said that the man "is an absolutely unreliable person and what he did was nothing short of appalling".

Granting the Safety Order against the man for three years, Judge Durcan said that "it is so sad that a man of his age and position engages in this type of activity".

Judge Durcan said that he found the man's denials that the photo wasn't of his ex on Facebook as "hollow".

At a previous court hearing in July, the man had given a sworn undertaking that he wouldn't make any contact - direct or indirect - with the woman.

Judge Durcan said: "He has breached the undertaking given on oath in the most flagrant way. I am satisfied that he showed as much disregard for this woman as he does for orders of this court."

In evidence, the woman told that court that the man's actions in posting a photo of her and an engagement ring on Facebook with accompanying negative comments "has caused me trauma, is harassment and defamation of character".

Representing herself in court, the woman said that she was unable to sleep for four nights and was prescribed sleeping tablets by her GP after being told of the photo and comments by friends and work colleagues.

The man has undergone counselling over the break-up. In her cross-examination of the man, the woman asked him: "If you were getting counselling how would do something as bizarre as put up pictures of me on Facebook and put a very bad comment alongside them?"


The man denied that the photo posted was of the woman.

The man in sworn evidence in court argued that the posting of the photos on Facebook didn't breach the undertaking he gave.

Solicitor for the man, Ann Walsh, said that her client was prepared to provide an undertaking not to post anything on social media in the future.

However, this was rejected by Judge Durcan. He said: "I am not prepared to accept any undertaking from this man."

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