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Man gets six months for sexually abusing his daughter (5)


Longford Circuit Court heard that the action dated back to June 2003

Longford Circuit Court heard that the action dated back to June 2003

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Longford Circuit Court heard that the action dated back to June 2003

A Roscommon man has been jailed for six months for sexually abusing his five-year-old daughter over the course of two years.

The court heard that the young girl was also "prostituted out" by her mother to their neighbour.

The girl's mother is serving a 14-year sentence, with four-and-a-half years suspended, for sexual assault, sexual exploitation and child cruelty. The neighbour received a 14-year sentence for a variety of sexual offences against the child, including rape.

The mother was in a relationship with the neighbour and would make the child available to him for sexual abuse.

The child's 59-year-old father pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to sexual assault of the girl at the family home in Roscommon between July 2004 and July 2006.

Yesterday, Judge Martin Nolan sentenced the man to two years in prison but suspended all bar six months of the sentence, having taken into account the man's guilty plea, remorse and the fact that he has a severe medical condition.


He said the girl had been abused in an awful way and "prostituted" by her mother.

"The trauma inflicted on this child is beyond imagination," Judge Nolan said, before adding that she appeared to be getting on with her life with the aid of very good foster parents.

"For a father to abuse his child in this way is reprehensible," he added, before he declared the man a sex offender.

Judge Nolan told Caroline Biggs SC, prosecuting, that he didn't think there was a necessity for post-release supervision, as the man doesn't represent "an ongoing threat to society".

A local garda told prosecuting counsel Philipp Rahn BL (with Ms Biggs) that social workers were involved in the care of the family and there were concerns about the victim showing "over-sexualised" behaviour.

The child was taken out of the family home and a "wide- ranging investigation" took place.

During interview by specialist garda interviewers the girl said her father would sit her on his knee and kiss and molest her.

She said this happened two or three times when she was aged five or six.

During garda interview the man denied molesting her and said he may have touched her genitals "by accident".

In a victim impact report read to the court the girl said her father "has left permanent scars that will never go away".

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