Wednesday 16 October 2019

Man gets five years over fatal attack after 'gay pass'

Daniel McLoughlin
Daniel McLoughlin
Cyril Moran

Paddy Clancy

RELATIVES of a man who died after a vicious assault have criticised the five-year sentence given to his attacker.

Cyril Moran's family said they believed that Daniel McLoughlin should have been given at least 10 years.

McLoughlin, of Joe McDonnell Drive, Sligo, admitted assault causing serious harm to Mr Moran, at his rented home in Cartron, Sligo, on August 5, 2010.

A court heard that McLoughlin, a 30-year-old father-of-two, was already serving a four-year jail sentence for another assault and would start his five-year term next March when he completes this term.

An earlier hearing was told that Mr Moran was taken to hospital by McLoughlin after the assault in which he was punched twice to the head and face. McLoughlin told gardai that it happened after a pass was made at him.

Mr Moran walked on his own into the accident and emergency department, but 12 hours later was put on life support, and died on August 8.

There was one other person in the house on the day of the attack – Gary Gorman, an alcoholic, who has since died.

Judge Anthony Hunt said it was "a very tragic case".

Mr Moran was taking the drug Warfarin, which carried a risk of bleeding as clotting didn't take place quickly, after undergoing heart surgery in 2008. Judge Hunt added: "It appears this was a factor in the cause of his death."

After sentencing, Mr Moran's first cousin Christy Monaghan said: "We were looking for justice. He should have been given 10 years on top of what he is already serving."

Carmel Moran, the first relative to be called to the hospital after the attack, said: "I will never get over the state of him when I saw him in hospital."

In joint statement from five of Mr Moran's cousins, the family said: "There are no words to describe how Cyril's family has been affected by the terrible events of August 2010.

"We cannot say his name without being reminded of how he lay in a hospital bed unrecognisable as the cousin we once knew.


"We appreciate the support the people of Sligo and beyond have given us since Cyril's death. However, we feel that at times certain media coverage has been hurtful and distressing."

The statement added: "Cyril was very much involved with the local church and community.

"He was a kind-hearted person who meant no harm to anyone, but he was also a vulnerable person and taken advantage of by people who exploited his generosity and, when he had no more to give, they took his life."

The court heard that Mr Moran was known to be gay but he was also a daily Mass-goer.

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