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Man found in room with dead woman, court told

A 49-year-old Romanian man has gone on trial at the Central Criminal Court charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend last year.

Mihalachie Marian, with an address in Romania, has pleaded not guilty to murdering 35-year-old nurse Loradena Pricajan on January 28, 2010, at the Irish Management Institute (IMI) in Sandyford, Dublin.

Sean Gillane, prosecuting, told the jury that Ms Pricajan was also Romanian and living in Balally Court, Sandyford. She was quiet, hardworking and had predictable habits, working nights as a nurse.

She had been in a relationship with Mr Marian, but this had broken down and she began a new relationship in mid-2009.

The court heard the accused checked into the residence of the IMI on the night of January 25 last year. He met the deceased at about 9am as she arrived home from work on the morning of January 27. They went to his room, G5.

CCTV footage showed that nobody else entered the room that day and nobody left. "On the evening of the 27th, she didn't attend work," said Mr Gillane of the deceased, explaining that, due to her predictability, colleagues were concerned.


Ahmed El Habri told the court he was the night porter on duty at 6.30am on January 28 when he saw a message from G5 on the reception phone. "I played the voicemail," he said "It was the voice of a male, breathless, saying: 'Help, help'."

Mr El Habri used the master key to open the room. "When I opened the door, the first thing I saw was the shower," he said. "It was open, blood on the wall and glass broken." He also saw a man lying against the heater beside the bed, wearing only his underwear.

He asked a regular guest, Cormac O'Brien, who was exercising in the nearby gym to keep an eye on the room while he went to call an ambulance.

Mr O'Brien told the court his room was near the defendant's and that he had heard a moaning noise some time before his alarm went off at 6.15am.

When Mr El Habri asked him to go to G5, he found the door slightly open and a man saying: 'Help me. Help me.' "There was an immense amount of blood on the bed and a duvet wrapped up in a human shape. I saw the lady's head."

Advanced paramedic Claire McCann said her colleague was dressing a wound on the man's neck when she tried to gain access to his veins to administer fluids.

"I saw deep lacerations on his wrists.

"There was no bleeding and no blood on the person," she recalled. "It was very unusual but I put it down to shock."

The trial is expected to last until the end of the month.

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