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Man carrying pool cue ranted abuse at gardai


Jan Wolnik

Jan Wolnik

Jan Wolnik

A LINGUISTICS student arrested for ranting abuse at gardai in Dublin city centre claimed he had been returning home carrying an antique hurley and pool cue.

Gardai came across Jan Wolnik (53) abusing door staff at a pub at 4am, but he claimed he was minding his own business and had just got an engraving put on the hurley.

Wolnik, of Emmet Road, Inchicore, denied causing a breach of the peace at Wellington Quay last August 29.

Judge Aingeal Ni Chonduin found him guilty and told him to pay €100 to charity to avoid a conviction.

Gda David Griffin said he was called to a complaint that a man was threatening door staff and members of the public at the Workman's Club at 4am.

He arrived and saw Wolnik gesturing and shouting abuse at staff as well as at random members of the public who were "just standing by".

The garda approached the accused to find out what the issue was and Wolnik became abusive to him, shouting: "F**k off, get back in your van, what are you going to do, arrest a civilian of this country?"

After he was arrested, the accused engaged in "nonsense rants of abuse".

Wolnik told the court he was walking home "peaceably" with a pool cue and hurley in his hands.

He claimed the gardai told him there had been reports he was waving the hurley around.

He denied this, saying it was a "valuable gift". He said he had drunk four pints.


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