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Man accused of murdering Anna Finnegan calls the trial 'illegal'


Vesel Jahiri (35) is accused of fatally injuring his ex-partner Anna Finnegan (25)

Vesel Jahiri (35) is accused of fatally injuring his ex-partner Anna Finnegan (25)

Vesel Jahiri (35) is accused of fatally injuring his ex-partner Anna Finnegan (25)

A jury was asked to leave court today after a man accused of murdering his former partner told a judge that he could not go ahead with his cross-examination of a witness and called the trial “illegal”.

Vesel Jahiri (35), originally from Kosovo but of no fixed abode, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Anna Finnegan (25) at Allendale Glen, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 on September 21, 2012.

He has also pleaded not guilty to assaulting Karl Finnegan, causing him harm, at the same place on the same date.

Last Friday, Mr Jahiri dismissed his legal team and is now representing himself at the trial.

This morning, prosecution counsel Mr Patrick Marrinan SC called Paul Callan to give evidence at the Central Criminal Court. Mr Callan agreed with counsel that he had previously supplied Mr Jahiri with equipment for his garage. He said he had met Anna Finnegan as she often worked in the accused’s garage.

Mr Callan became aware that Anna Finnegan and the accused split up in August or September, 2012. The witness said he advised Mr Jahiri to get legal advice as to “how to handle the situation.” Mr Callan agreed with counsel that Mr Jahiri was concerned about access to his children and that he advised him to get a solicitor to deal with these matters.

Mr Jahiri and his two children stayed in Mr Callan's house for a night in early September, the court heard. Mr Callan agreed with counsel that he got a phone call from the accused on September 21 and Mr Jahiri told him that something had happened at the house at Allendale Glen. Mr Callan told Mr Jahiri that he should not have gone to the house and should have gone through the legal system instead.

Mr Jahiri told Mr Callan that there was a scuffle in the house, he got hit by a chair and a fight ensued with Karl Finnegan. The accused also told him that Anna was in the house and he brought her to hospital.

Mr Jahiri then told the court that he was not feeling well and the trial was adjourned until 2pm.

This afternoon, Mr Jahiri said he could not go ahead with the cross-examination of Mr Callan as he needed documents. Addressing Mr Justice Paul Coffey, Mr Jahiri said: “I proved to you I needed documents to continue with the trial. In the last trial they put in a fake jury to find me guilty.”

Mr Justice Coffey told the accused that he was abusing his position as his own advocate and he had access to all documentation the prosecution had. Mr Jahiri responded: “I don’t, the trial is illegal judge and I can prove that.”

Mr Justice Coffey then asked the jury to leave the courtroom.

When the trial resumed the prosecution called a series of garda witnesses who were involved in preserving the scene at Allendale Glen where the alleged offence took place.

The trial continues.

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