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Man (38) allegedly smashed girlfriend's head into mirror


Longford Circuit Court heard that the action dated back to June 2003

Longford Circuit Court heard that the action dated back to June 2003

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Longford Circuit Court heard that the action dated back to June 2003

A Dublin man has been accused of breaking into his former partner's home and slamming her into a mirrored wardrobe, lacerating her head.

Darren O'Keeffe (38) is alleged to have pushed the woman's head into the glass, shattering it and causing the injury.

Dublin District Court heard he is also accused of grabbing her by the throat during the alleged incident in her bedroom.

The case was adjourned for a month to give the accused time to decide how he intends to plead to the charges against him.

Mr O'Keeffe, of Shangan Gardens, Ballymun, is charged with burglary, causing criminal damage to the front door and assault causing harm to his ex partner at that address.

The charges are under the Non Fatal Offences Against the Person, Theft and Fraud and Criminal Damage Acts. The incident is alleged to have happened on March 21, 2013.

The prosecuting garda said the defendant made no reply to the charges after caution. A State solicitor said the DPP had directed summary disposal of the case at district court level on a guilty plea only.

This means it will have to be sent for trial to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for jury trial if the accused is pleading not guilty.


The garda told the court it was alleged that the accused went to the home of his ex-partner and was refused entry. According to the prosecution, he then kicked the door, forcing it open and breaking the lock.

It was alleged he ran into the house and to an upstairs bedroom where his ex-partner was. An altercation took place during which he allegedly pushed her by the head into a mirrored wardrobe, breaking the glass and causing a laceration to the side of her head.

It was also alleged that he grabbed her by the throat during the incident and that the alleged victim escaped to another house and called for help.

The garda told Judge Alan Mitchell that the woman had not required stitches or suffered any ongoing problems.

Judge Mitchell accepted jurisdiction to deal with the case and said it was now "left to the defendant to decide what he wishes to do".

Defence solicitor Tony Collier asked the judge for a six-week adjournment for full disclosure of prosecution statements.

The judge made the order, to include a copy of the video of the accused's interview by gardai.

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