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'Love rival' trial: Pat Quirke told Mary Lowry's brother she was a 'right bitch' and wasn't supporting him after tragic death of his son

Patrick Quirke (50), of Breanshamore, Co. Tipperary, at court with his wife, Imelda PIC:Collins Courts
Patrick Quirke (50), of Breanshamore, Co. Tipperary, at court with his wife, Imelda PIC:Collins Courts
Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

MARY Lowry's brother has told the Tipperary murder trial that Patrick Quirke called Mary "a right bitch" and said she had not given him or his wife any support following the tragic death of his son, Alan (11).

Eddie Quigley claimed that Mr Quirke had told him that if Ms Lowry went to the month's mind, he would "personally remove her from the church himself."

Mary Lowry. Picture: Collins
Mary Lowry. Picture: Collins

He also told the trial that in the days after Bobby Ryan went missing, he had been assisting in searches when Ms Lowry's brother-in-law, Jimmy commented: "This wouldn't happen if Martin Lowry was alive."

He was annoyed by the remark, saying: "I felt the blame was being put on Mary."

Patrick Quirke (50) of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Bobby Ryan (52) a part-time DJ known as Mr Moonlight on a date between June 3 2011 and April 2013.

Eddie Quigley told the court that in August 2012, a week or after the death of Mr Quirke's son, he had been fixing the roof of Ms Lowry's house when the exchange occurred.

He had been in the farm getting materials for fixing the roof when Mr Quirke approached him: "He said 'your sister is a right bitch,' she didn't support him or Melly (Mr Quirke's wife Imelda)." 

Mr Quigley told the court that he had replied to Mr Quirke, saying: "Do you not think Mary has enough to deal with?"

Mr Quirke then told him that he only wanted "friends and family, good friends," at his son's months mind mass and that if Mary went he would personally remove her from the church himself.

"I said that was his choice, him and his wife. The conversation ended then," Mr Quigley said.

Under cross examination by Bernard Condon SC for the Defence, he told the court that he recalled a conversation with Mary Lowry's mother-in-law Rita Lowry at Fawnagowan, around Christmas 2010.

Rita had told him that Jack, Mary's son, had told her that his mother "came home late." Mr Quigley said he had mentioned this to Mary later but had advised her to "keep it to herself."

Mr Quigley was asked about evidence he gave yesterday in which he said that on the day of Bobby Ryan's disappearance, he had gone to Fawnagowan and that Mary and Michelle Ryan, Bobby's daughter, were there.

Asked if he was sure about that because Mr Condon said he understood Michelle had remained in the woods until 'well into the night', Mr Quigley said she had come up to Mary's house that evening 'for a short period of time.'

He was asked about phonecalls between him and his sister, Mary, one an eight minute call on the evening before Bobby Ryan was recorded as being missing, at 9.05pm.

Mr Quigley said he could not recall why she had phoned him but said he spoke to his sister on a regular basis.

Meanwhile Mr Condon asked about a remark Mr Quigley had told the court about earlier, which had been made during searches for Bobby Ryan, on the Tuesday after his disappearance on June 3 2011.

He said he was in a car driven by Pat Quirke and was with Jimmy Lowry when Mr Lowry made the comment: "This wouldn't happen if Martin Lowry was alive."

"I didn't like him saying it," Mr Quigley told the court.

Mr Condon put it to Mr Quigley that he had said it had annoyed him and he got out of the car and slammed the door.

Mr Quigley agreed, saying: "I felt the blame was being put on Mary."

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