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Lithuanian Man who smashed side door fined €800 and ordered to pay €2,000 compo

A MAN who smashed a garage window, a side door and a car window has paid €2,000 compensation in Tallaght Court.

Judge John Coughlan also fined Mindaugas Ramauskas €800.

Ramauskas, aged 29, with an address at Walnut Close, Kingswood Heights, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to damaging a side entrance door, a garage door and the window of a car and to criminal trespass at an address at Forest Lawns in Tallaght on February 8, 2012.

Garda Donal O'Sullivan told the court that on the above date he responded to a call that a man had kicked in a side door, a garage window and the window of a car. Garda O'Sullivan said Ramauskas was intoxicated.

In response to the judge, Garda O'Sullivan said Ramauskas had no previous convictions.

Ramauskas's solicitor, Jeremiah Breen, said his client had €2,000 in court.

Judge Coughlan told Mr Breen: "I'll take that off him".

Mr Breen said Ramauskas had been in Ireland since 2006.

Ordering that €2,000 compensation be paid, Judge Coughlan fined Ramauskas €800.