Friday 15 November 2019

Landlord took own life after tenants 'trashed his house', inquest told

The Dublin Coroners Court, Store St. Pic Tom Burke.
The Dublin Coroners Court, Store St. Pic Tom Burke.

Louise Roseingrave

A FATHER of two who had issues with tenants that ‘trashed his house’ died from self inflicted wounds, an inquest heard.

Noel Murphy (48) from Moneystown, Roundwood, Co Wicklow sustained middle ear damage while attempting to clear rubbish dumped at the house.

Dublin Coroner’s Court heard how Mr Murphy had ongoing trouble with tenants who failed to pay rent at a house he owned in Larkhill, Santry, Co Dublin. When the tenants finally left at Easter 2014, Mr Murphy sustained an ear injury burning rubbish left at the house when a deodorant can exploded.

His sister Mary O’Reilly said Mr Murphy had ‘trouble’ with tenants at the house.

“The place was trashed, the rent was due and he still had to pay mortgage repayments. It really upset him,” she said.

“I believe Noel was suffering financially,” she said. “I think a lot of things were going against him.”

The pain in his ear due to the canister explosion was ‘driving him crazy’ his sister said.

Mr Murphy attended hospital for the ear injury and was prescribed antibiotics, steroids and ear drops.

Relatives described Mr Murphy as ‘more subdued’ than normal in the days leading up to his death. He had tried to get work as part of a Community Employment scheme but was not allowed to proceed as he had taken part in the scheme ten years previously.

On May 28th 2014, at this mothers house in Blackrock, Co Dublin he took a kitchen knife into the bathroom. His mother had an appointment and left the house at 11.40am and returned at 2.40pm to find the bathroom door locked. She called her daughter Mary O’Reilly, who hailed a taxi in a distressed state to go to her mother’s house. On arrival, taxi driver Ivor Hemmingway kicked in the bathroom door.

Consultant Pathologist at St Columcille's Hospital in Loughlinstown  Dr Niamh Nolan said there was multiple lacerations to the arms, wrists and neck. The cause of death was laceration of the right jugular vein. Damage to Mr Murphy’s middle ear was confirmed at post-mortem. Mr Murphy had taken high doses or paracetamol and codeine before his death.

“The evidence would be that these were self inflicted wounds. He formed an intention to harm himself,”Coroner Dr Brian Farrell said, returning a verdict of self inflicted death.

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