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Killiney beach proposal on hold after Ali Hewson objects over right of way to beach


Ali Hewson with her husband, U2 frontman, Bono and daughters Jordan and Eve

Ali Hewson with her husband, U2 frontman, Bono and daughters Jordan and Eve

Ali Hewson with her husband, U2 frontman, Bono and daughters Jordan and Eve

A Dublin local authority has put proposals on hold for a mixed use development planned for Killiney beach that are being opposed by Ali Hewson and other local residents concerning a right of way to the beach.

This follows Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council requesting businessman, Declan O’Regan to submit revised plans on his planning application which is to be built over four floors with roof terraces.

Mr O’Regan’s proposal for White Cottages, The Strand, Killiney is to include a restaurant, a shop, extend and renovate two dwellings, and build five chalets for rental use on a site that is positioned on the embankment that rises from beach level to the DART railway line.

In response to concerns expressed by businesswoman and activist, Ali Hewson and other locals concerning the right of way, the Council has told Mr O’Regan to provide particulars “how the existing right of way across the pedestrian rail-bridge shall be maintained and kept in place”.

Ms Hewson and her husband, Bono and their children have enjoyed a right of way down to Killiney beach from their home at Temple Hill over the last 30 years.

The council’s planning report has found that Mr O’Regan must demonstrate how the right of way can be maintained, concluding that the planned mixed use development is generally acceptable in principle.

In a welcome boost to Ms Hewson’s bid to have the right of way from the pedestrian bridge across the railway lines to Killiney beach through the proposed development maintained, the Council state that its Transportation Planning section “consider all existing rights of way should be maintained and are not in favour of any restriction of permeability through the site”.

In her objection, Ms Hewson states “we wish to submit an objection to this development proposal and specifically to the retention of the new gate and boundary fence.”

Ms Hewson added: “As the applicant is fully aware, the owners and occupiers of Temple Hill have enjoyed unrestricted legal access to Killiney Beach for 30 years due to an established right of way through the lands of White Cottages.

Ms Hewson states that “the right of way is shown on the applicant’s site layout plan and it extends over the railway bridge, down the steps adjacent to the railway line and finally through a portion of the lands of White Cottages”.

Ms Hewson told the Council that the construction of a new gate and fence now impedes this right of way.

She stated: “We request that retention permission for this gate and fence be refused on the basis that it impedes an established right of way.”

Planning permission was secured for a previous plan in 2009 but the project didn’t proceed due to the economic downturn.

The application will become ‘live’ again when Mr O’Regan has replied to the request for further information.

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