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Killer Marta taunted gardaí by sending postcard with coin attached from Poland

Marta Herda. Photo: Collins Courts
Marta Herda. Photo: Collins Courts

Ken Foy

Convicted murderer Martha Herda taunted investigating gardaí as they pieced together the sequence of events that occurred in the early hours of March 26, 2013.

Herda sent Arklow Garda Station an anonymous postcard with a penny coin attached to it while she was on bail and holidaying in her native Poland.

Victim Csaba Orsos
Victim Csaba Orsos

"Keep up the good work, wish you were here, hope you catch the killer," the card read. The postcard was not addressed to any individual garda in the station.

Concerned, the gardaí at the station decided to investigate the matter and found her DNA was on the stamp.

Gardaí are unsure what the motivation was for sending the coin.

According to a source, Herda "thought she would get away with this from the start. This woman always played the victim, but she really had zero respect for gardaí or her victim - as that postcard shows."

Herda's conviction is the second time in the history of the State a person has been convicted of using a car as a murder weapon.

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The only other person convicted of using a car to murder is Dublin man Anthony O'Reilly, who killed Daniel McDonald (21) on February 2, 2007. That brutal murder also took place in Arklow, Co Wicklow.

The pair had been fighting in Rascals Disco.

Despite being thrown out of the establishment, the two men continued to argue while outside.

Witnesses said O'Reilly threatened bouncers outside the club before warning Mr McDonald that he was dead.

O'Reilly jumped into the passenger seat of a car being driven by a female.

Mr McDonald gave chase and kicked O'Reilly through the passenger window.

Brother of Csaba Orsos, Zoltan Sandro, speaks to the media at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin after the verdict. Pic Collins Courts.
Brother of Csaba Orsos, Zoltan Sandro, speaks to the media at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin after the verdict. Pic Collins Courts.

However, his attack was thwarted when his foot became stuck and O'Reilly told the driver to drive on.

Mr McDonald fell free as O'Reilly banged on the dashboard and shouted abuse.

As the driver drove back into the main street O'Reilly grabbed the steering wheel and forced the car in the direction of Mr McDonald, narrowly missing him.

O'Reilly got out of the car and moved into his own vehicle. He drove up the street as Mr McDonald walked towards him. When his car struck Mr McDonald O'Reilly was in the wrong lane doing at least 50mph down Arklow's main street.

Mr McDonald was thrown into the air on impact and shattered his skull in the collision.

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