Monday 9 December 2019

Key issues facing the Anglo jurors

Council for prosecution Paul O’Higgins SC at court
Council for prosecution Paul O’Higgins SC at court

The prosecution claimed there are FOUR QUESTIONS the jury must consider:

* Was there lending?

* Was that lending, beyond a reasonable doubt, not lending in the ordinary course of business?

* If yes, did any or each of the accused authorise it or permit it?

* Or is there a reasonable doubt they took all reasonable steps to prevent the lending?And five issues they should ignore:


* Whether or not the regulator approved, encouraged, permitted or was conformable with the borrowings.

* Why no one else involved in the transaction was prosecuted or granted immunity for giving evidence.

* Any issues around legal advice being obtained.

* The role global investment bank Morgan Stanley had in the transaction.

* Whether or not they had a genuine belief the bank would collapse without the loan-for-shares deal.

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