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Kelly's libel action against publisher adjourned

AN action by Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly alleging he was libelled in two articles published in the 'Sunday World' 15 years ago has been adjourned at the High Court.

It is expected an application will be made later for a priority hearing date in the next court term, which begins in October.

Mr Kelly, who was in court yesterday with his wife Margaret, has alleged he was libelled in articles published on different dates in 1996.

The action is against Sunday Newspapers, publisher of the 'Sunday World', and the claims are denied.

The proceedings were listed for hearing yesterday before Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne and a jury but were adjourned at the application of the publisher.

It alleged it had been prejudiced as a result of certain broadcasts the previous day.

The judge heard and ruled on the application in the absence of the jury.

When the jury were recalled, she told them she had decided the case could not go on because of a TV broadcast which could be prejudicial to the defendant.

It would be unfair to let the case proceed once there was that type of prejudicial material out there, she said.

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