Monday 22 April 2019

Kearney made his wife's murder look like suicide

Brian Kearney. Photo: Stephen Collins / Collins
Brian Kearney. Photo: Stephen Collins / Collins Newsdesk Newsdesk

On the morning of his 49th birthday, Brian Kearney murdered his vibrant wife, Siobhan. It happened in the bedroom of their home in Goatstown, while she was still in her pyjamas.

First he strangled her. Then he took the flex from the Dyson vacuum cleaner and looped it around her neck. He hoisted her body over to the door of the en-suite bathroom, and made a knot in the flex to loop around the handle on the other side of the door. After five seconds the flex broke and she fell to the floor.

Photographs of their family holiday were scattered around her body, probably left there by Kearney, to make her death look more like suicide. He locked the bedroom door and shoved the key back into the room beneath the gap, apparently to make it look like it had been locked from the inside.

Kearney then went to work, leaving the couple's three-year-old son in his own bedroom watching a DVD. Kearney was at his office in the Sandyford Industrial Estate between 7.50am and 8am. A short time later, Siobhan's body was discovered by her family.

Gardai were suspicious of Kearney from the outset. His behaviour was odd. Soon they found a motive. The couple seemed wealthy. Kearney and his wife owned a hotel in Majorca, a family home in Goatstown and a second home in the garden.

It transpired that Kearney was under financial pressure and that Siobhan wanted to leave him. That would make his financial situation worse.

She sought advice from a solicitor, hid her passport in the hot press and hid a €500 note in wrapping paper in a bedroom locker.

She kept a diary - the contents of which were never revealed - behind the water tank.

Kearney pleaded not guilty to murder. His defence team argued that Siobhan had taken her own life.

The prosecution said he murdered her rather than face the financial consequences of separation

The jury agreed.

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