Friday 19 October 2018

Jury to see film of fatal shooting made by tourist

Craig White at the Central Criminal Court yesterday. He
denies murdering Noel Roche in 2005
Craig White at the Central Criminal Court yesterday. He denies murdering Noel Roche in 2005

Bronagh Murphy

Jurors in a murder trial are to be shown video footage shot by an American tourist, the Central Criminal Court heard yesterday.

A prosecution lawyer said that while there was no eyewitness to the fatal shooting, the jury will see a video from a camcorder taken by an American tourist on a passing bus.

Craig White (23), of O'Devaney Gardens in north inner Dublin, denies murdering Noel Roche (27), at Clontarf Road, Dublin on November 15, 2005.

Anthony Sammon, counsel for the prosecution, told the jury that Mr Roche was the front seat passenger in a Ford Mondeo car that was very near the junction of Seafield Road and Clontarf Road. Mr Roche had earlier been at the Point Depot with friends and had left suddenly at around 9.30pm.

Mr Sammon said the jury would hear that a stolen blue Peugeot drove alongside the Ford Mondeo and that a number of shots were fired, killing Mr Roche.

He said that some time later, a lady on Furry Park Road saw two men abandon the Peugeot and called the gardai. Mr Sammon said that forensic evidence linking the accused to the vehicle was found.

The jury will hear that a brown paper bag containing a balaclava, a gun, a tea towel and gloves was found in the rear of the Peugeot.

Mr Sammon said that the accused man's fingerprints were found on the bag and DNA evidence linked Mr White to the handles of the bag.

The jury will hear that two gloves were found along Furry Park Road, both containing DNA evidence which could be linked to the accused.

Fibres found on the discarded gloves would also be shown to match fibres in the abandoned Peugeot.

A container of petrol was found in the foot well of the abandoned Peugeot.

Mr Sammon said the inference could be drawn that there had been an intention to burn the car and destroy the evidence it contained.

The prosecution will also show that bullets casings found at the scene of Mr Roche's death could be linked to the Glock semi-automatic nine millimetre pistol found in the Peugeot.

The driver of the car which carried Mr Roche will not give evidence in the trial.

The court will not sit today but the trial continues before Mr Justice George Birmingham tomorrow morning.

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