Sunday 17 December 2017

Jury to consider verdict in rape trial

Ciaran Byrne

"RAPE is an accusation easily to be made, hard to be proved, and harder yet to be defended by the party accused," said barrister David Goldberg yesterday.

His client, a 52-year-old father from the west of Ireland, stands accused of a litany of sexual abuse including the rape of his then young son.

The man has denied all 47 counts, including 11 of anal rape, 24 of sexual assault and one of neglect between 2001 and 2004.

Mr Goldberg was summing up his defence in the Central Criminal Court. The case was unpleasant, disturbing and distressing for all who heard the evidence, he admitted. Earlier, prosecuting counsel Delia Flynn put it to the man for a final time that he had subjected his son to a litany of forced sexual horrors.

"It's completely untrue ... I never sexually assaulted him, completely untrue," said the father from the witness box.

The boy, said Ms Flynn, had never enjoyed a normal childhood. He was made to babysit at a young age and all he knew was his father's abuse which began when he was just 12.

But Mr Goldberg claimed there were a number of factors to be considered including the vague timeframe of the alleged offences, the reliability of eyewitness accounts and that the boy was not at any stage medically examined.

Judge Barry White will today charge the jury before it is sent out to consider its verdict.

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