Thursday 23 May 2019

Judge warns claimants gardaí will be targeting would-be scammers


Warning: Circuit Court judge Jacqueline Linnane. Picture: Courtpix
Warning: Circuit Court judge Jacqueline Linnane. Picture: Courtpix

Ray Managh

A Circuit Court judge threw out motor insurance personal injury claims totalling €180,000 and warned three claimants that An Garda Síochána was going to crack down on fraudulent claims.

Referring to one claimant as a "most incredible witness", Judge Jacqueline Linnane said she did not believe any of the three Dublin residents.

Piotr Czaderski (38), of The Moyle, Prospect Hill, Finglas Road; Eugeniusz Perkowski (67), of Addison Road, Fairview; and Maciej Kostka (25), of the Plaza, Coultry Road, Ballymun, were involved in a low-impact collision on Crumlin Road, Dublin, on July 6, 2016. The three were working at the same waste company at the time.

An assessor for the three said their Renault Megane, driven by Mr Czaderski, braked suddenly and was hit in the rear at 5 to 10kmh by a VW Passat, driven by Aisling Kelly.

Conor Kearney, counsel for Ms Kelly and Aviva Insurance, said the incident occurred outside a Garda station and an officer who inspected both vehicles found no damage to either.

Mr Czaderski confirmed that after the incident he completed an eight-hour shift at Panda Waste. All three went to doctors and asserted they had pain in a variety of places.

The three men acknowledged that they had discussed making their claims, each for €60,000.

Judge Linnane said she was not convinced any of the three had suffered any injury in the incident and that they had pre-planned making compensation claims.

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