Monday 14 October 2019

Judge turns down offer of book on Yorkshire Ripper

A JUDGE declined the offer of a book on the Yorkshire Ripper killings from its author, businessman Noel O'Gara, after she fined him for not wearing a seat belt.

The 68-year-old pleaded guilty to a charge of not wearing a seat belt at Greenlea Road, Terenure, Dublin, on May 11, last year.

Judge Clare Leonard read out the charge and O'Gara said: "I am pleading guilty."

The judge said the offence "speaks for itself" and fined him €75 while ordering that it must be paid within three months or he would be jailed for one day in default.

"May I present you with a copy of a book I wrote 20 years ago?" Mr O'Gara asked, as he reached out from the witness box offering a volume of his work 'The Real Yorkshire Ripper'.

"No, I cannot do that," the judge said, and proceeded to hear the next case at Dublin District Court.

Outside court Mr O'Gara explained that he wanted to give the copy of his book to the judge because it was about "a serious crime".

The self-published book details his theories on the brutal murder of 13 women in a shocking killing spree in Yorkshire, England, in the 1970s.

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