Monday 21 October 2019

Judge says he 'will no longer bail defendants to homes in Republic'

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George Jackson

A judge says he will no longer accept Republic of Ireland bail addresses for defendants because of the continuing uncertainty over Brexit.

Judge Barney McElholm described the political uncertainty as "this abominable exercise in misgovernment" which could result in people living in the Republic no longer being subject to extradition to the North.

"We are nearly three years down the line and still nobody has even a sketch of a plan," he told Derry Magistrates Court.

"None of us knows what is going to happen in relation to the way we are going to be governed and I use that term extremely loosely.

"It would suggest little optimism at the moment that some agreed way forward is going to be reached. We could even have the situation arise where anyone living in the Republic of Ireland will not be subject to the extradition laws of this jurisdiction," he said.

Judge McElholm made his comment during a bail application for a man who was extradited yesterday morning.

A senior policeman in Northern Ireland has voiced concern that the European Arrest Warrant could disappear.

Deputy Chief Constable Stephen Martin warned under a no-deal Brexit, "those people we have currently arrested and gone through the process of European Arrest Warrants, that would fall away".

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