Sunday 19 November 2017

Judge in contempt warning

AFTER Judge Early had made his order, some men in the court began to shout. During tense scenes, one of them called the defendant a "filthy scumbag".

More taunts were directed at a group of men at the back of the court who were accused of being there "to support him" followed by: "You should be ashamed of yourselves."

However, this group of men spoke back, saying they were on the court's list for their own cases.

Judge Early sternly warned the men shouting that he would hold them in contempt of court. After they stormed out, the judge instructed gardai to bring them back.

Three men were escorted back in and the judge told them the defendant was entitled to the presumption of innocence. One of the men nodded and said: "I understand".

The judge then told them: "The court does not tolerate its business being interrupted."

He warned them that if it happened again he would hold them in contempt and sentence them to prison.

Irish Independent

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