Saturday 7 December 2019

Judge Halpin departs court role with mini-skirt joke

Judge Anthony Halpin has said farewell to Tallaght District Court
Judge Anthony Halpin has said farewell to Tallaght District Court
Cormac McQuinn

Cormac McQuinn

A CONTROVERSIAL judge has said farewell to Tallaght District Court, using a line about mini-skirts that might have better suited a best man's speech at a wedding.

In his goodbye to the court, Judge Anthony Halpin said that the perfect speech "should be like a mini-skirt, short enough to attract attention but long enough to cover all areas".

The judge said: "This morning as I was getting ready for court, I came across a notebook I had kept. I have a quote from Cyril Asquith, the son of the British Prime Minister, on what makes an ideal judge. I have amended it in relation to the Irish system."

Relaying the quote, he said: "An ideal judge in the District Court is short, simple and wrong. The Circuit Court judge should be long, tedious and right but would not usurp the prerogative of the High Court."

It is understood Judge Halpin is transferring to the Criminal Courts of Justice (CCJ).


Judge Halpin made headlines last month when he said: "I think Muslims feel they can actually beat their wives." He later apologised.

Yesterday he said he had "unfortunately" made comments a few weeks ago which were reported in the national press.

He said he thought that there should always be journalists in court so that justice can be seen to be done. He is no stranger to making controversial and strange remarks. Last week, he called for blue traffic lights to be introduced between amber and red, to cut traffic collisions.

He made headlines in January by suggesting the Civil Defence help police the Dublin suburb of Tallaght after a number of violent deaths in the area.

He thanked the court staff, the local garda superintendent, the presenting sergeants and all the gardai. He also thanked the solicitors and barristers who attend the court, and the Probation Service.

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