Thursday 17 October 2019

Judge brands mum-of-four a 'brazen hussey' after shoplifting in Boots and supermarket

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Gordon Deegan

A judge has branded an Ennis mother of four a ‘brazen hussy’ after hearing that she 'hoovered up' 38 cosmetic items in a theft at a Boots chemist store last November.

At Ennis District Court, Judge Patrick Durcan jailed Tania McCarthy (32) for one year for three separate thefts after stating that she had carried out "a hoover job" on Boots Chemist in Ennis on November 1st last when she shop-lifted 38 separate items worth a combined €520.

In the cases, Judge Durcan imposed on Ms McCarthy, of Oak Park, Watery Rd, Ennis, Co Clare, a six month jail term for the Boots theft; a consecutive four month prison term for a theft of €25 worth of groceries from Barry Lynch’s Centra three days later and a two month prison term for a theft of €9 worth of goods from the same Centra Ennis outlet on November 5th.

Judge Durcan said: “The situation can’t continue where the retail and commercial sector of this town is consistently and persistently torpedoed by brazen hussies like Ms McCarthy who think they can have the right to go around to shops and help themselves at will.”

Ms McCarthy has 11 previous convictions for theft including one where she used her then five-year old son to help steal two baskets of clothes from Penneys in June 2015 in a crime described as “absolutely and utterly reprehensible” by a circuit court judge.

In the district court, Judge Durcan said the two retail premises, Boots and Barry Lynch’s Centra are being torpedoed by Tania McCarthy.

He said: “We hear about the Lusitania torpedoed off the Cork coast and went down in 19 minutes over 100 years ago. If Ms McCarthy is allowed to continue the way she is continuing, the retail premises in this town will sink in a very rapid period of time and the streets of Ennis will show nothing more than boarded up retail enterprises."

Judge Durcan described Ms McCarthy’s thieving as “breathtakingly brazen, breathtakingly bold and breathtakingly criminal”.

He said: “A message has to go out that if people want to bring the retail sector in this town to its knees with boarded up shops this court will do its best to prevent that and to ensure for the people of this county that the shops remain open and not that businesses are threatened by brazen hussies like Ms McCarthy.”

Ms McCarthy pleaded guilty to the offences and her solicitor Tara Godfrey requested for an adjournment in the case to allow her client re-imburse the premises affected.

Ms Godfrey said that Ms McCarthy has suffered in her life with bereavements, a stillbirth, difficulties in the health of one child in particular, marriage disharmony and homelessness.

Ms Godfrey said that one of Ms McCarthy’s children has a learning disability and goes to St Clare’s school in Ennis.

Ms Godfrey said that her client has learned her lesson.

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