Friday 23 February 2018

Jail phone smuggling plot comes unstuck

Barry Duggan

PEOPLE are attempting to smuggle phones past prison metal detectors by covering them with Blu Tack.

In Limerick yesterday, a court heard of the case of an unemployed carpenter, James Conway (27), who was caught bringing a mobile phone into Limerick prison.

The defendant, from Norwood Park, Singland, Limerick, had scheduled a visit to Limerick Prison on St Stephen's Day last year.

He had the mobile phone hidden down the front of his trousers when he entered the jail. Limerick District Court heard that the mobile was covered in Blu Tack in a bid to conceal it from the metal detector.

However, the attempt failed as the metal detector in the visiting area alerted staff to its presence.

Conway pleaded guilty to attempting to bringing the mobile into the prison without the permission of the prison governor. The court was told that an unidentified man arrived at Conway's home, handed him the package and told him to bring it into a prisoner.

Mr Conway, a father of two, did not identify who supplied the mobile.

Judge Tom O'Donnell said it was a serious matter and handed down a three-month suspended prison sentence.

Irish Independent

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