Friday 23 March 2018

'It is heart-breaking to see the lack of respect they had for him and my parents' - Jason Corbett's family disgusted by lack of apology from the Martens

Jason Corbett and Molly Martens Corbett on their wedding day
Jason Corbett and Molly Martens Corbett on their wedding day
Thomas Martens at court. Photo: Winston-Salem Journal
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

The family of slain Limerick man Jason Corbett have said they are disgusted those charged with his murder have never apologised for his killing.

Mr Corbett's sister Marilyn said is it heartbreaking and no one has said 'sorry' to her parents since her brother was killed.

And she maintained that she became ill when she read the court and autopsy reports outlining how her brother died.

Speaking publicly for the first time since Mr Corbett was killed in August, Marilyn Corbett said the family are struggling to come to terms with what happened to her brother.

"The one thing that is grating on my mind is that my parents lost their son and not one single member of the Martens family has muttered the words, 'I am sorry for the loss of your son'," said Marilyn Corbett.

"None of them have said anything to express sorrow for my parents losing their son," she added.

"Not publicly, not privately. Not a letter, not a phone call.

"It is heart-breaking to see the lack of respect they had for him and my parents.

"It is hard to comprehend that someone can act that way. It is cold, it is calculated and it is heartless and those are mild words compared to what they (the Martens) actually are. There is no integrity there."

Mr Corbett was found with severe head injuries at his home in the US last August after his father-in-law Thomas Martens (65) told police officers that he struck the Limerick man with a baseball bat. Police recovered a paving stone from the scene that they say was used as a second weapon, and Mr Corbett's wife Molly Martens Corbett (32) was this week charged with second-degree murder along with her father.

Marilyn spoke out as sources close to the family claimed that Mr Corbett was being bullied by his wife in the weeks before his death. Friends of Mr Corbett said they felt he was going to leave his wife in the US and return home to Limerick to raise his children.

His sister said it is difficult to read reports outlining how her brother died.

"I got the papers yesterday and when I saw them, I actually threw up. I was so upset," she said. "You cannot prepare yourself. You think that you can but it is impossible," she added.

"I was in shock with all of the news breaking, even though I already knew a lot of it. All of the publicity around it and going in to work (is difficult)."

Ms Corbett said the actions of the Martens family have left her own family in Limerick devastated.

"It is hard to believe that these people are so cold. That makes it so much harder to comprehend," she said.

"In their eyes, we are nothing at all. They have destroyed our family's lives," she added.

Court documents in the US show that Mr Corbett's other sister Tracey Lynch was also concerned about Ms Martens's volatile temper and friends have said that Mr Corbett was also concerned about his wife's temper.

Two days before he was killed, Mr Corbett left a social function in the US early after he became upset and annoyed at his wife jeering him about his weight.

"They were out having dinner with some friends on the Friday before he died when Molly started fat-shaming him," said the family friend.

"Jason always took it to heart and it upset him. He left Molly there that night and went home on his own. He was mortified. She used to always call him 'fat ass' and he never liked it."

Mr Corbett was so conscious of his weight that he had lost nearly a stone in the month before he died.

"He was due to be best man at his best friend's wedding next summer so they both had a bet about who was going to lose the most weight," said the family source.

"Himself and his best friend Paul (Dillon) were very competitive but in a good way. They were always trying to better each other."

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