Monday 22 January 2018

'Is it insulting because they invaded your country?' - Engineer ranted in Japanese at Chinese garda investigating street row

Raymond Roche of Lombard Street East, Dublin 2
Raymond Roche of Lombard Street East, Dublin 2
Raymond Roche of Lombard Street East, Dublin 2

Andrew Phelan

A Dublin engineer was arrested for ranting in Japanese at a garda investigating a late night street row - despite the fact that the officer was a Chinese national.

Raymond Roche (27) was interfering in a disturbance that had nothing to do with him when he launched his tirade at the garda, a court heard.

After his arrest, he went on to insist speaking in Japanese to the local inspector who tried to give him the benefit of a caution that would have left him without charges.

Dublin District Court was told Roche had too much to drink while he was out celebrating getting a job abroad, where he was going to join his wife.

He spoke the language after a stint working in Japan.

Judge Michael Walsh told Roche his behaviour had been appalling, but said he would leave him without a criminal record if made a €500 donation to charity before he leaves the country.

Raymond Roche of Lombard Street East, Dublin 2
Raymond Roche of Lombard Street East, Dublin 2

Roche, with an address at Lombard Street East, Dublin 2 pleaded guilty to threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour and failing to obey garda directions on January 21 last.

Sgt Gail Smith told the court Garda Tao Yu was dealing with another man in relation to a public order incident at Townsend Street, Dublin 2 at around 3.30am.

Roche had nothing to do with this initial incident.

A number of people had stopped to have a look and gardai told them to stand back while they dealt with it.

Roche decided to try to interfere with this investigation and was told to stand back. He then began speaking to Gda Yu in Japanese.

Gda Yu ignored the accused, who continued to speak in Japanese and refused to stand back. When told again to leave he became aggressive and started shouting something in Japanese to Garda Yu, questioning why he had to leave the area in a “quite argumentative” way.

He was with a woman at the time and said they “weren’t going anywhere.”

Roche was arrested and brought to a garda station, where he continued to speak Japanese. Garda Yu told him it was insulting for him to be spoken to in that language.

“Is that because the Japanese invaded your country, like 100 years ago?” Roche had replied.

Roche, who had no previous convictions, was suitable for an adult caution to be given.

However, when the local garda inspector began to administer it, Roche spoke to him in Japanese.

Judge Walsh said Roche’s behaviour had been “quite appalling.”

Roche was an engineer involved in supply chain management, his solicitor John O’Doherty said. He grew up in Dublin, got a degree from DIT and worked in Japan for a number of years.

On the night, he was out celebrating with friends after getting news that he was to get work abroad and would be able to join his wife, who lived out of the country.

He had a lot to drink and apologised to the garda for his behaviour.

Judge Walsh adjourned the case for a week and said he would strike the charges out if Roche paid €500 to charity.

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