Friday 22 November 2019

Irish surgeon found guilty of £1m fraud in UK jailed for eight years

Jailed: Irish surgeon Anthony McGrath was found guilty of fraud
Jailed: Irish surgeon Anthony McGrath was found guilty of fraud
Kathy Armstrong

Kathy Armstrong

An Irish doctor who committed a £1m (€1.16m) insurance fraud in the UK demonstrated "pathological levels of dishonesty and arrogance," a judge has said.

Surgeon Anthony McGrath was given an eight-year prison sentence at Luton Crown Court after he was found guilty of fraud offences and perverting the course of justice. The court heard McGrath, who is from Somerville, in Co Meath, staged a robbery at his home and attempted to carry out a £180,000 insurance fraud.

He staged a burglary in 2015 at the rental home his family were living in on the Luton Hoo Estate in St Albans.

He told investigators that 100 items were taken during the alleged robbery, including a Persian rug worth £35,000, jewellery, artwork, silverware and clocks.

Police found that he had then shipped some of these items into a van which travelled to his family's home in Meath.

McGrath did not know that the vehicle had been fitted with a tracker.

The investigation into the staged burglary led police to uncover three counts of mortgage fraud worth more than £1m.

Copies of false tax returns which had been sent to a bank were found by police in the home, with McGrath's fingerprints on them.

The jury heard that in a bid to cover his spiralling debts, he lied about his finances to try to get money from people.

McGrath has a keen interest in antiques and the court heard he tried to get a better price for the sale of them by telling the dealer he had given extensive time and money to a Syrian children's refugee charity. He also faked a salary report from a hospital he no longer worked at, and he lied to a potential buyer of a holiday home that the contract was late as he claimed he was working for a French medical charity in Jordan.

Following a trial, that lasted more than four months at Luton Crown Court, McGrath was found guilty of fraud by false representation and committing acts with intent to pervert the course of justice. Yesterday he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

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