Saturday 17 March 2018

Irish man wanted out of prison to prove innocence by taking lie detector test on Jeremy Kyle show

Frederick Boyd
Frederick Boyd

Alan Erwin

A man who wanted out of prison to take a lie detector test on the Jeremy Kyle Show failed today to overturn his conviction for shouting sectarian slogans outside Belfast City Hall.

Frederick Boyd was seeking to challenge both the guilty verdict and three-month jail sentence imposed for disorderly behaviour and doing a provocative act while draped in Union flags.

But the 23-year-old's appeal was dismissed after he didn't attend the hearing at Belfast County Court.

Boyd, of Mark Street in Newtownards, Co Down, was alleged to have scaled a pillar at the front of City Hall on January 23 and shouted obscenities at passers-by.

A crowd of up to 60 people heard him shout 'No Surrender', 'F*** the Pope', 'F*** the Falls' and 'Up the Shankill', a previous court heard.

He was also alleged to have made masturbation gestures at onlookers.

Boyd was arrested after coming down half an hour later and claimed loyalist paramilitaries had put a gun to his head and ordered him to do it.

At an earlier bail hearing his lawyer detailed alleged attacks on him while in custody over an unconnected incident.

The court was told then how he was desperate to get out of prison so he could clear his name on those allegations by taking a lie detector test on Jeremy Kyle daytime television chat show.

Following his conviction for the City Hall incident Boyd had been granted bail pending his appeal.

He was expected to maintain a defence of having acted under duress.

In court today his barrister Michael Boyd confirmed that his client had been advised about the hearing but was not present.

The judge then dismissed the appeal on the basis of his non-attendance.

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