Thursday 19 April 2018

Irish girl was stabbed 53 times and bled to death, court in Spain told

Victim stabbed 53 times in brutal attack

Gerard Couzens

AN Irish bar worker stabbed to death at her ex-boyfriend's home in Spain was knifed 53 times, prosecutors have revealed.

It is alleged that Avril Flanagan's killer also tortured her with the implement.

Ms Flanagan (20) was murdered on May 29, 2009, in the Costa Blanca resort of Cabo Roig, near Alicante.

Alan Daulby, her former boyfriend from Liverpool, was arrested the same day and has spent the last two-and-a-half years awaiting trial.

Ms Flanagan, originally from Swords in Co Dublin, had moved to Spain with her parents, retired bus driver Gerry Flanagan and his wife Barbara.

The family ran a pub in Cabo Roig.

Lawyers for Spain's state prosecution service reveal in new court papers they will demand a 20-year jail sentence for Mr Daulby when his trial starts.

They say he deliberately inflicted unnecessary suffering on Ms Flanagan before killing her.

"The majority of the blows the accused inflicted on Avril Flanagan and the resulting injuries caused were not necessary to cause her death," the papers state.

"All the blows were inflicted before her death which was the accused's objective, but only eight of the 53 injuries he caused Miss Flanagan penetrated her skin and affected vital organs.

"In spite of that, he inflicted them brutally and deliberately to increase Miss Flanagan's suffering."

Ms Flanagan bled to death at Mr Daulby's apartment.

"All I want now is a quick trial and justice so I can continue to try to get on with the rest of my life," her father said yesterday.

"I'm not looking for revenge, just justice. This wasn't just a murder, the person who killed my daughter mutilated her.

"The Spanish don't jail people for life. It's a bitter pill to swallow because I'd love to see them lock Avril's killer up for good and throw away the key.

"We came to Spain to run our own business. This has destroyed my family," he said.

Mr Daulby was arrested in a town 100 miles north of the resort a few hours later.

Yesterday it emerged he was stalking Ms Flanagan in the days prior to the killing after she broke off their relationship.

"Avril Flanagan had presented herself at the accused's home that same morning to talk with him and ask him to stop bothering her," the prosecution papers state.

"Since she had broken up with him, the accused would phone her incessantly, and turn up in places Ms Flanagan used to frequent.

"The accused, acting with the aim of ending Avril Flanagan's life and taking advantage of the feelings that their sentimental relationship had generated, used a knife to inflict a succession of blows to her head, neck and chest as well her arms and left leg."

Prosecutors want Mr Daulby convicted of murder. A date for his trial has not yet been set.

Mr Daulby (26) has never answered questions from police.

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