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Intruder raped me then asked for a hug, says victim

A young woman told a Central Criminal Court jury that she was raped twice and threatened by an intruder in her home who later asked her for hug as he was leaving.

The woman denied a suggestion during cross examination that she had met the man a number of times previously and had consensual sex with him that night in an area behind her home.

A Dublin man, who can not be named for legal reasons, has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to raping the woman on two occasions, falsely imprisoning her and making a threat to kill or cause her serious harm at her home on June 17, 2011. He has also pleaded not guilty to entering the woman's home as a trespasser with intent to commit theft and carrying a screwdriver and hammer on the same occasion.

The woman said she was alone in her apartment over a business premises, and had gone to bed just after 11pm. She got a phone call from her sister about 11.20pm and then went to sleep. At 1.30am she heard a door squeaking. Her bedroom door opened and she saw a man standing in the doorway.

He had socks on both hands which were held up covering his face and he was carrying a hammer, screwdriver and torch.

She was shaking and terrified and started shouting: "Who is it, what do you want?"

The man told her he wanted money and was looking for a safe. She said the man told her to calm down and said he wasn't going to hurt her. He came in and sat on the edge of a bed in the room. The woman said he kept telling her not to look at him and he would not leave until she was asleep. She said he smelled of drink.

She went to lift her mobile phone but he grabbed it and threw it on to the locker. He then told her he would lie down beside her until she was asleep.

She said he began feeling her breast as she continued to tell him to leave. She then described him having sex with her.


The woman said she kept shouting at him to leave her alone.

Later, she said he told her he was afraid of hearing about this on the radio and mentioned burying her in the back garden.

She lay on the bed and he went to kiss her but she moved her head away. "I was shaking and terrified," she said. "I was afraid not to do what he told me." She described him raping her again and how she kept telling him he was hurting her. He told her he would take her word for it that she would not ring the gardai. She said he asked for a hug and then left. The woman said rang her employer, who arrived and took her to his house.

She later picked out the accused in an identity parade .

The trial continues.

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