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I'll be having steak dinner tomorrow, boasted Graham Dwyer


Graham Dwyer (on the right)

Graham Dwyer (on the right)

Graham Dwyer (on the right)

Graham Dwyer was so convinced he would escape justice that he boasted to prison guards that he would be having "a steak and a bottle of wine" tonight.

The architect was last night on 'precautionary' suicide watch for a third time after his conviction for the murder of Elaine O'Hara.

He has been behind bars ever since his arrest on October 17, 2013, because gardaí considered him to pose a grave risk to public safety - particularly to women.

Prison sources consider him to be a 'model inmate'. However, Dwyer was threatened by fellow inmates in Cloverhill Prison last weekend, who shouted abuse at him, calling him a rapist and murderer.

Prison officers were forced to intervene and protect Dwyer, who escaped physical harm.

Incredibly, Dwyer - or prisoner number 88335 as he is now known - has received a deluge of supportive fan mail, mostly from women.

One woman wrote to him saying that she was "lighting candles" for him, while another said that she "didn't believe everything she read in the papers" and that "nobody could be all bad".

Other letters are believed to be love missives from women in Ireland and abroad.

Ominously, sources said that Dwyer would become "like a rock star" amid the confines of Arbour Hill, the prison for sexual offenders where it is believed he will be transferred.

Many prisoners in the jail derive a chilling enjoyment from telling one another the gory details of their sexual crimes, a source said.

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