Friday 24 November 2017

I was real target in child abuse allegations against brother, Dana tells trial

Dana Rosemary Scallon and her brother John Brown (inset)
Dana Rosemary Scallon and her brother John Brown (inset)

Shane Hickey

Former presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon has said allegations of indecent assault against her brother were put out to attack her and she denied claims she covered up sexual abuse for more than 30 years.

The Eurovision winner broke down in tears in court yesterday as she repeatedly denied that she was involved in a cover-up for John Brown (60) since the 1970s and that she organised a priest to treat him, claiming later that he was cured.

She took to the stand in Harrow Crown Court in London on the ninth day of the trial of her brother, who is accused of five counts of indecent assault – two against a child under the age of 13 and three against a child under the age of 16 at various dates in the 1970s. He denies all of the charges.

The court has previously heard claims from the prosecution that Ms Scallon was told of the allegations by the first alleged victim's mother and she had arranged for him to see a priest, declaring later that he had been cured.

Defence barrister Martyn Bowyer questioned as to whether she had sought to cover up the allegations. "I have not, I have not," Ms Scallon said, becoming visibly upset.


She told the jury that the allegations first emerged as part of a court case in the US in 2008 and that they were there to attack her and not her brother.

They first became public during the presidential campaign in October 2011.

When it was put to her that if any public figure had covered up sexual abuse, it would be a devastating allegation, Ms Scallon said: "I was told it would be better to be charged with murder, especially in the middle of an election campaign."

It has been claimed that John Brown assaulted the first alleged victim twice in the UK and twice in the US, where she lived. The second two allegations are not part of the indictment as they happened outside of the jurisdiction.

It is also claimed that after the first alleged assault in Iowa, the mother of the child contacted Ms Scallon – they were said to have been close at the time – to tell her of what was said to have happened and Ms Scallon said she would deal with treatment for Mr Brown through a priest she knew called Fr Brown.

When questioned as to whether she got a phonecall about the allegations at the time, Ms Scallon said: "Absolutely not, I did not." She denied that she had a conversation about treatment and said the only priest called Fr Brown she knew had died in the 1960s.

Ms Scallon said she'd had very little contact with the victim. It is claimed that the woman, now 47, went to visit her during a summer season of performances at the time, in the UK. Ms Scallon said she did not perform in the named area of the UK until 1981.

Her husband, Damien Scallon, said the first time he had heard of the allegations was in 2008.

It has been claimed that Mr Brown crawled into bed with the second alleged victim, during which incident his brother Gerald walked into the room.

Gerald Brown denied this in court yesterday and also that he had told another brother, Robert, of a conversation where the accused had said he rubbed up against one of the victims.

Patricia Brown, the wife of the accused, said that if she thought her husband was guilty of anything, he would not be living under the same roof as her and their two children.

The defence in the case finished yesterday and final arguments are to begin today before the jury is sent out to deliberate.

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