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'I thought Katy had beaten coke' - mum

Katy French
Katy French
Kieron Ducie arrives at Trim Court House
Ann Corcoran arrives at Trim Court House
Katy French's mother Janet arrives at Trim Court House
Katy French's sister Jill

By Conor Feehan and Ken Foy

TRAGIC model Katy French's mother Janet told gardai that she believed her daughter was giving up cocaine which was ruining her life.

In a statement to gardai after her daughter's death, Janet French said that she thought her daughter had finally given up the lethal drug.

The terrible heartbreak which Katy's mother endured was laid bare in the statement which she gave investigating gardai after her untimely death.

And she revealed that the model was upset in the days before she died.

Ms French reveals:

* that she tried to talk Katy out of going out earlier on the night before she collapsed

* the horror of having to visit her daughter in a critical condition in hospital where she was gravely ill

* the sadness and disappointment she felt when she was told that cocaine and opiate traces were found in Katy’sblood stream

She explained that her beloved daughter had confided in her about her cocaine use between 18 months and

two years before her tragic death.


Ms French explained: “She broke down crying, she said she was taking cocaine and that it was ruining her life.

“I said to her ‘This is a great start. You have admitted it, you are on the road to recovery, this is the beginning’.

“Katy went to an addiction counsellor who was a female. I don't know her name. This was only on a few occasions.”

Janet French went on to give an account of the turbulent relationship between Marcus Sweeney and her daughter which included an infamous bust-up at a photoshoot in a Dublin hotel.

According to Ms French's statement, this led to the break up of their relationship and Katy moved back home to live with her mother for while.

She told gardai: “As far as I was aware she was not taking any cocaine while she was living with me.

 She was working very hard during this time.

“She came on a holiday with me for eight days, I was with her all the time and there were no drugs.”

She then spoke about Katy's relationship with developer Jimmy Mansfield.

She recalled how Mr Mansfield bought Katy a black range rover for her 24th birthday on October 31st, 2007 which left Katy “excited.”

Janet spoke about Katy's high profile birthday party in Krystle nightclub which took place days before the model’s death.

“The whole night went very well and I came home at about 4am leaving Katy after me in the nightclub with about 20 people there. At sometime that morning she arrived home to our house.”

Katy was busy with modeling and media commitments for the next two days but returned home at around 7.30pm on the Saturday evening “a little moody, she wasn't smiling or saying much like she normally does.”


Katy later told her mother that she was upset after she had found cosmetics in Jimmy Mansfield's bedroom that were not hers.

Her mother pointed out that Katy could always come back to live at home but Katy rejected this idea.

The mother and daughter then watched the Tubridy show which featured journalist Brendan O'Connor who Katy knew that night.

Janet recalled that later Katy said: “she felt like doing something and that she had been talking to her friend Ann who was on her own and that she would call into see her on her way to City West.”

Ms French tried to talk Katy out of going out, pointing out that she was too tired.

This was the last conversation the mother and daughter would ever have.

Janet French told gardai that Andrea Roche rang the next monring to say Katy was in hospital in Navan and that

they had been trying to call her.


On her reaction to being told at the hospital about traces of opiates being found, Ms French said: “There was part

of me really surprised and I got very sad because I thought, ‘God she was so far down that she got a relapse’.

“ I felt really disappointed in myself that I had not noticed she was so down, she was just my Katy who could get through most things, I couldn’t believe she would take it because she was so strong and adamant about the future she had got.”

“She was such a fighter, I couldn't believe she had given in about something like this and I couldn't believe I hadn't detected it because I knew her so well.”

The model had previously spoken to her mother about a article she had done about cocaine and said “she was fed

up seeing so many of her friends lives ruined by it.”

“I strongly believe and trust she was not lying about her beliefs and the article was the culmination of her having given up and having gotten through it all.”

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