Monday 22 January 2018

'I can't even bear to call him my father' -- victim

Edel Kennedy

INSTEAD of football, days out and family holidays, there was only neglect, cruelty and rape.

The abuse that the 20-year-old suffered for three long years as a child clearly still haunt him.

Walking to the witness box with his shoulders hunched, he did not look at his father once -- and nor did his rapist look at him.

"I can't say when my childhood began or finished because as far as I'm concerned, I never had one," he read from his victim impact statement.

He detailed how their house had been "dirty and untidy" and they had to rely on home help for care.

He had occasional happy memories when his father brought him fishing but most of his childhood had been marred by fear.

He listened to his classmates talking about their parents, looking forward to going home -- while he felt only fear.

He said the lies told by his father during the trial caused him further pain. He recalled at one stage how he had to leave the court because he "couldn't listen to all the lies he told".

"He has never shown any remorse or sympathy . . . I can't even bear to call him my father.

"I hate the man, I will never forgive him," he said, his voice breaking.

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