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Hospital to pay boy (10) €2.9m for birth injuries

A 10-year-old boy who suffered catastrophic injuries at birth has settled a High Court action with an interim payment of €2.9m.

The Coombe Hospital in Dublin, where Eoin Dunne was born, is also facing a legal costs bill which could run to a further €2m.

The court previously ruled that the hospital was liable for the injuries sustained by Eoin, of Seapark, Malahide, Co Dublin in July 2002.

Had Eoin been effectively ventilated nine minutes after birth, rather than at 17 minutes, he would probably not have suffered his devastating injuries, the court found.

The delay was unacceptable and the hospital was negligent in failing to ensure the child received the type of intubation and ventilation "mandated in the first 10 minutes of his life", a judge ruled.

Eoin has severe dyskinetic cerebral palsy, cannot walk or speak and is totally dependant on others for all his needs.

The payment is for the next two years, then the case will come before the court again to decide Eoin's future care needs.

Yesterday, approving the settlement after several days at hearings to assess the level of damages and care costs, Mr Justice Michael Moriarty said it had been " a harrowing, taxing and difficult case" for Eoin's family and legal advisers.

The action was brought on Eoin's behalf by his mother, Dr Fiona Murphy, an anaesthetist.

Irish Independent