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Hickey hit headlines last year over privacy action

A FORMER musician with the RTE concert orchestra, Ruth Hickey began work with the Communications Clinic Ltd after being offered a job by Terry Prone.

Ms Hickey was in the headlines last year when she took an action against the 'Sunday World' newspaper.

She took the case because the paper had published pictures of her, her son, and her then partner, David Agnew.

Mr Agnew had been married to panto star Twink -- also known as Adele King -- for 21 years before they split in 2004. Later that year, he moved in with Ms Hickey and she gave birth to their son, Jesee, in February 2006. The couple split in 2010.

After a photograph of her and Mr Agnew leaving the Births, Marriages and Deaths office in Dublin on May 10, 2006, was published by the 'Sunday World', she took an action alleging defamation and breach of privacy. Ms Hickey, who gave her address at the time as Archer's Wood, Castaheany, Dublin 15, said in the High Court last year that the newspaper articles about her family portrayed her as a whore and her son as a bastard.

She lost the case after Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns concluded that the publication of photos of the family leaving the registry office was not a breach of privacy because they were taken in a public place when they were performing a routine public function.

Her biography on the Communications Clinic website refers to a comment made by Road Safety Authority chairman Gay Byrne on her work with the RSA. Mr Byrne christened her 'Ruthless'.

"He meant it in a positive way," the website states. "So do we."

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