Monday 27 January 2020

'He raped us in the woods so that no one would hear us scream'

Brian McDonald

Sometimes he raped his daughters in the woods so no one could hear them scream.

One daughter called him "an evil bastard" and "an animal", another said she hated his guts, while a third said "he was very cruel".

The fourth daughter who was raped and physically abused by her father declined to give a victim impact statement to the court. The three who did yesterday all admitted that they had taken an overdose to end the hurt.

A garda, who was central to the investigation, delivered all three impact statements to the court.

The first daughter told Mr Justice Paul Carney in her statement that words could not describe how painful the rapes were. She bled and suffered a series of kidney infections, but never received medical treatment. And she was powerless to resist.

"I was six stone and he was 20 stone," she said.

Now in adulthood, she said she had a great deal of anger and sometimes did not wish to be on this earth.

"He took away my childhood. Why couldn't he be a normal father?" she asked.

Her biggest shame was that people knew what happened. She said: "101 people knew what he was doing, but never asked if we wanted help."

The second daughter spoke of the trauma she had endured while being repeatedly raped.

"I'm ashamed of what he has done to me. There was no love there from him," she said.


Recalling the worst of the abuse, she said: "Sometimes when he'd rape us, he'd take us into the woods. . . the way no one would hear you scream."

The third daughter said she could not read or write and had no money. Her father had split her head open lots of times, but she was never brought to a doctor or a hospital.

"I feel angry -- I will never get over it. I can't talk to anyone, not even my sisters. I have attempted suicide and taken an overdose. I blame myself for what he did to me -- I think it's my own fault," she said.

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