Monday 16 September 2019

Gunman lost temper and threw bottle across courtroom

Jonathan Keogh
Jonathan Keogh
Eimear Cotter

Eimear Cotter

It was a long nine-week trial. Gunman Jonathan Keogh sat quietly and calmly for most of the evidence until one day he lost his temper.

He threw an open bottle of water across a courtroom, which splashed seats and some onlookers, just as the prosecution prepared to close its case against him.

He also shouted out "rats" towards gardaí and the Hutch family. Yesterday, Keogh was found guilty of murdering Gareth Hutch.

He interrupted his sentence hearing and shouted "f**king b*stards" and "rats" as a garda read out a victim impact statement on behalf of Gareth Hutch's family.

He also shouted: "What about everyone else's family, what about all the other families?"

Keogh's conduct had shown his disposition to be a "violent and dangerous one", a judge said.

The court found that Keogh fired the "fatal shots that killed Mr Hutch in a callous and cold-blooded manner", while Regina Keogh (41) "colluded" with her brother, and Thomas Fox (31) was the proposed getaway driver.

There was a heavy presence from the Garda Public Order Unit for the reading of the verdict. The victim's mother Vera Hutch said the pain of Gareth's death was "unbearable" and she would "never get over it".

"We struggle every day as a family and can't comprehend why this happened," she said

As Ms Hutch's victim impact statement was read to the court by Detective Garda Eoin Treacy, a number of Keogh supporters laughed and left the court.

Ms Hutch said she had the "privilege and honour" of being Gareth's mother before he was "senselessly and cruelly" taken away from her.

She said she no longer felt safe, and the defendants had "destroyed" her family.

"Not only did you take away my son, you have taken away a brother, uncle, friend, and most of all a daddy," she said.

It was Gareth's son who would lose out the most, as his daddy had been cut out of his life, and Gareth would never get to bring him to his first football game.

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