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Guesthouse manager gets €15,300 over unfair dismissal

A FORMER guesthouse manager, sacked on Valentine’s Day 2011, has been awarded €15,300 by the Circuit Civil Court for unfair dismissal.

Barrister James Phillips, counsel for Justyna Raducha, told Judge Jacqueline Linnane that Ms Raducha had been sacked by the Charles Stewart Guesthouse, Parnell Square, Dublin, for allegedly concealing a €2,000 debt by a “non-paying guest.” 




Guesthouse owner Austin Kelly told the court in an appeal from the Employment Appeals Tribunal he had been unaware that long-term guest “Mr B” had been running up a bill of €2,000 until the 12th February 2011.




Mr Kelly said Mr B. had told him he had entered into an arrangement with Raducha, of Boroimhe Cherry, Swords, Co Dublin, when he had booked in a few months earlier.




Raducha had been the only employee dealing with Mr B. who made only a few payments during his 100 days stay in the guesthouse.




The court heard that Mr Kelly had become “furious” when he learned about the outstanding bill. He had requested an explanation from Ms Raducha.




When she had refused to pay Mr B’s bill the guesthouse owner had told her:  “Well, you know what’s in store for you.” She had been sacked with two weeks wages in lieu of notice. The Tribunal had held that the guesthouse had failed to follow proper procedures and had unfairly dismissed Ms Raducha.



Today Judge Linnane upheld the decision of the Tribunal and dismissed a claim by the guesthouse against Ms Raducha for €10,000 damages for loss of business. The judge accepted Ms Raducha had not changed computer codes which, the guesthouse alleged, had resulted in loss of bookings.    

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