Thursday 22 March 2018

'Groundhog Day' as banker's lawyers make song and dance about meeting

Shane Phelan

Shane Phelan

PINNING down the elusive David Drumm is no easy task.

Gardai have wanted to speak to him for almost two years now, but he won't come home for questioning.

So it's hardly surprising that efforts by Anglo Irish Bank to question him as part of his US bankruptcy have proved difficult too.

Last month Mr Drumm agreed to attend the deposition hearing in Boston, which was scheduled to take place today.

Arrangements were made for Anglo's Dublin-based legal eagles to travel over so they could be present.

But a series of emails seen by the Irish Independent reveal how these simple arrangements quickly unravelled.

A verbal agreement on the date of the meeting had been made on January 25.

But within hours Heather Zelevinsky, a lawyer representing Mr Drumm, was emailing Anglo lawyer Ken Leonetti, saying there was a problem.

One, and possibly two, of Mr Drumm's lawyers would not be able to attend, she said. "Heather, folks from Ireland and Chicago have already made arrangements. Can Pam [another lawyer] cover the deposition," replied Mr Leonetti.

"Ugh, not without a time machine," came Ms Zelevinsky's response.

Emails went back and forward, but no agreement could be reached on a new date.

"This temporal blister appears un-prickable," said Ms Zelevinsky, in what she later described as "an esoteric reference to 'Iolanthe'", the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera.

Mr Leonetti said he wasn't sure he understood the metaphor, but it was appropriate that February 2 was 'Groundhog Day'.

Anglo's patience eventually ran out and it tried to have Mr Drumm held in contempt of court.

The contempt bid failed but Mr Drumm has now been compelled by a judge to answer the bank's questions before February 7.

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