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Graham Dwyer trial: The 14 points that led to Graham Dwyer’s arrest


Det Sgt Peter Woods

Det Sgt Peter Woods

Det Sgt Peter Woods

ARCHITECT Graham Dwyer was arrested during a dawn raid on his south Dublin home less than five weeks after Elaine O’Hara’s partial skeletal remains were found in the Dublin Mountains.

Det Sgt Peter Woods listed the 14 points that led to his detention during legal argument at Dwyer's murder trial.

1 Elaine O’Hara was last confirmed to be alive on August 22, 2012. She was observed leaving her apartment block at Belarmine Plaza on CCTV. Her car was found abandoned at Shanganagh Cemetry. A person matching her description asked for directions from a male jogger to the railway bridge in the park. Skeletal remains were discovered at Killakee Mountain on September 13, 2013, which were subsequently identified as the body of Ms O’Hara.

2 A tracksuit bottoms, a pair of runners and a sock were located in close proximity to the remains. The tracksuit, runners and one sock were not attached to the body and appeared to have been placed in the area separately. The tracksuit bottoms matches the description of the tracksuit bottoms worn by Elaine O’Hara as can be seen from CCTV footage from her apartment block on August 22, 2012.

3 A sock matching the sock recovered beside the remains was located further in to a wooded area on Killakee Mountain in an area where items of interest to the investigation were located. There were a number of ropes and other objects believed to be used in the bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism sexual activity scene.

4 A number of items were recovered - including clothing matching the description of the clothes worn by Elaine O’Hara on August 22, 2012, a Nokia 1616 mobile (086 175 9151) and a set of keys - at Roundwood Reservoir. The above items have been connected to Elaine O’Hara. It was also established the mobile phone was in her possession of immediately prior to her disappearance. A second Nokia 1616 mobile phone (086 175 9076) was also located along with handcuffs, leg-cuffs, chains and sex toys which are connected with the investigation.

5 A number of texts messages have been identified as having been sent between the two Nokia 1616 mobile phones recovered from the reservoir. CCTV footage from Belarmine Plaza, Stepaside, has been examined in relation to text messages sent from 086 175 9076 and the timing and content of the texts has been matched to a male entering her apartment block. This male on the CCTV footage is believed to be Dwyer.

6 The male on the CCTV footage from Belarmine Plaza can be seen exiting building on August 13, 2012, carrying a distinctive red, grey and black haversack bag. A haversack matching the one seen on the CCTV footage has been recovered from the reservoir in Roundwood in close proximity to the mobile, phone, car keys and clothes connected to Ms O’Hara.

7 It has been established from enquiries that Dwyer uses a contact number 087 210 0407, which is registered to the company A&D Wejchert where he is a director.

8 A number of phone numbers connected to the investigation have been examined and communication between phones has been analysed.


Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Cell site analysis on mobile phone number 086 175 9076 is consistent with the area where Dwyer lives and works. The cell sites mirror the cell sites used by the phone of Dywer 087 210 0407 on numerous dates. The content of several text messages between mobile phone 087 175 9076 (connected to Dwyer) and mobile phone 087 175 9151 (connected to Elaine O’Hara) have been examined and are consistent with the known lifestyle and work activities of Graham Dwyer and Ms O’Hara.

9 A text message on the phone number 086 331 1207, an iPhone registered to Elaine O’Hara, from a phone believed to be connected to Graham Dwyer dated May 24, 2011, at 7.29am: “I was up flying on Sunday and had a peek, Skeleton ribcage where knife went in. Rest of sheep moved. No call to club to farmer or gardai”. It has been established that Graham Dwyer is involved with model aircraft flying and that on May 22, 2011, a flying competition was held at the Shankill Club site at Callary, Kilmacanogue, Bray.

10 A text message on June 13, 2011, at 7.43am to Ms O’Hara’s iPhone reads: “Terrible 15% pay cut, came fifth in the flying”.

Graham Dwyer has been identified as having an interest in model airplanes. A check on the MACI website shows that Graham Dwyer came fifth in the East Coast Scale Champs competition on June 11 2011 at Roundwood.

11 There are a large number of text messages from a phone believed to be connected to Dwyer to Ms O’Hara’s iPhone from May 2011 to July 2012. These texts indicated that the texter was planning a murder and was involved with Ms O’Hara in BDSM activity. The text messages indicated that the sender received sexual gratification from inflicting pain and stabbing females and made references to killing Ms O’Hara and others.

12 The mobile phone number 086 175 9076 has been in contact with 086 175 9151 (now the so-called Master and Slave phones recovered from the reservoir in Roundwood). The phone 086 175 9076 uses cell sites in Galway on July 4 2012. That day 99 G 11850 - a blue Audi TT owned by Dwyer from January 28 2012 to August 1 2012 - has been identified from toll bridges travelling from Galway to Dublin during the relevant time period. Dwyer’s work mobile phone number 087 210 0407 is also used in Galway on this date.

13 Mobile phone number 086 175 9076 was also used in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, on July 6, 2012. Graham Dwyer’s phone 087 210 0407 is also in Ballyshannon on this date.

14 There are a number of text messages between the two mobile phones which were recovered in the reservoir at Roundwood between August 15 and 22, 2012, which indicated the person sending the text message from 086 175 9076 (believed to be connected with Dwyer) expressed the intention to stab and kill the person receiving the text message on mobile phone 086 175 9151 (connected to Elaine O’Hara). The messages also directed the person receiving the text to meet at Shanganagh Cemetery on August 22, 2012.

The last communication between both mobile phones is at about 6pm on August 22 2012.


Elaine O’Hara has not been seen alive since this time.

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